How to Detect Black Magic on a Person

How to Detect Black Magic on a Person

Black magic has been present from ancient times. Mostly, this magic is used to harm or hurt someone either of jealousy, Revenge etc. Black magic when done on someone can make the practitioner achieve what they want. If you are in the grip of this black magic, then you must be very careful about curing it.These practitioners will make sure that these spells bring out the effects that they wanted from you. They can use it to harm you intentionally through mentally, physically or emotionally. The practitioners might have jealosy, hatred, anger , revenge on you and all these resulted them to caste Black Magic Spells on you. There may be many motives on using black magic on you but the main issue is “How to Detect Black Magic on a Person”. Until you detect it, you can’t cure it.

Know who is effected by black magic

If someone has casted black spell and you want to find out if you are the person, then you will need to know the ways of “How to Detect Black Magic on a Person”. For this, there will be some particular Symptoms that can be seen on that person. Few of them are :

The person might be having severe head aches, might have bad breath, might have mood swings which results into crying, it may also lead to depression. Some changes might also be seen in their

physical appearance like gaining or loosing weight, extreme hair loss, swelling of eyes, etc. Also there are few ways of symptoms to know “How to Detect Black Magic on a Person” i.e. through emotional changes like the person who is affected will show anger, irritable behavior, sudden imbalance in their emotions. They might also show effects like memory loss etc.

Simple ways to detect black magic

There are also some ways  of knowing “How to Detect Black Magic on a Person” are mentioned below:

Put some red chilli and one lemon on the bed of the person for whole night, who is thought to be suffering black magic . In the next morning you need to check them. If the chili smells sour and the lemon when cut shows some black swelling, then you can be sure about the fact that the person is effected by black magic.

Another way of detecting is by keeping a ‘tulsi’ plant and allowing the effected person to water the plant daily. If after 4 days, the plant starts dying, you can become sure about the black magic effects on the person.

Finally detected

If you are really serious about the fact of “How to Detect Black Magic on a Person”, then you will need to act the exact way mentioned above. And once it is detected, you must find the ways to cure that black magic from the person. Its not very easy to detect these energies as they are equally powerful, but if you do according to the instruction given above, not even the strongest black magic can hide its power and will end up revealing the secrets and then the person can be saved.

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