Death of The Enemy

Death of The Enemy

Every person in their life span, faces some problems which they never desire for. The reasons being varies accordingly. But what if the problems that you are facing are due to the results of your enemy’s actions. Some people in your life might envy you for many reasons and they will always want your destruction. And to achieve it they can use any way they can. The only thing matters to them is your destruction. But some destruction might be very harmful to you as it can cause you next level problems. You might also have life danger. So it is better to get rid of them before any destruction you ever thought of happens to you. Some problems are so severe that their prevention are also severe. These might also ask for the “Death of The Enemy” as only their death can cut the effects of the Black Magic. But before you perform the ritual you must be sure of what you are doing.

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Effects of the death mantra

If you want to see the “Death of The Enemy”, then you must be Careful of the Ritual you are performing. To make it sure, you must consult a Black Magic Specialist for it so that you will get the guidance from them. They will show you the exact path and way of doing this ritual, so that you make no mistake. Any small mistake can result in higher price. Before performing this spell you must be careful so that no wrong spell is uttered. It becomes inevitable of “Death of The Enemy” if you are under Black Magic Spells and want to overcome them. If the spells are very strong, then only Death can give your life back to you.

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Mantra to kill your enemy

This ritual of “Death of The Enemy” is a very simple and must be performed in an isolated place where no one can come at that time. So choice of time is also important and most recommended time is 12.00 a.m. You must prepare a Black Magic  Voodoo Doll and wrap any used item of your enemy around the Voodoo Doll. Then lit 9 candles and place it making a sign of star. Then sit near it and chant the mantra of “Death of The Enemy” for 9 times taking the name of your enemy each time you chant it. Then hold the Voodoo Doll in your hand and slowly break each part of the doll, first their hands then legs and slowly and finally their neck making your enemy suffer in the same way. This will make your enemy see their death and no trace will be left of Black Magic. Everyone will see this as a natural “Death of The Enemy”. They will get the results of what they have done to you in a short span of time by the use of Black Magic Mantra. This mantra is the most powerful mantra to show the “Death of The Enemy”.

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