Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies

Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies

There are people who causes and creates problems for you. This may be the results of their hatred, anger, Jealousy for you. They might cause you huge problems in your life from which you will need to cure yourself as soon as possible. It may cause you huge amount of destruction in your mental and physical health. So, it becomes very important to find a way out of these problems. And there is only one way out by using of “Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies” from this problem. This will defeat them and will throw them out of your life at once and will Destroy them.

How to use these remedies?

Before performing these “Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies”, few important rules must be kept in mind and among st them is that, you must have pure faith and dedication on the ritual that you are performing. These Astrological Remedies are very powerful and effective to achieve what you desired for. They will take all the negative vibes away from you forever.

Some of the “Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies” that are to be followed are mentioned below

  • For the first method, you will need to select a particular day during night and find an isolated place. Then make a bead out of turmeric. While making this bead you will need to sit facing the east direction.
  • For the second method, you will need to wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow cloth for the ritual. Then you need to chant the mantra “Auma Hraeema” for 108 times. You will need to continue thee ritual regularly for 45 days and results can be seen eventually.
  • The third method constitutes of wearing beads that are made from the roots of Shammi tree in a thread of black color or red color. You should wear this bead on either of the two days i.e. Saturday or Monday.
  • For the fourth method, you will need to make a package of few things i.e. a small amount of iron, 1.25 kg of sesame seeds, 1.25 meters of black cloth, 1.25 kg of oil and urad dal. Then take all these things and make into a small packet. Then, you will need to chant the mantra “Auma Sahuma Shataroo Vinaashaaya Naamaha” for 108 times and rotate the package around your head while chanting the mantra. Then offer this package to Lord Shani. This method must be done on any day and must be repeated a couple number of times.

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Effects of the remedies

These “Astrological Remedies to Get Rid of Enemies” are applied to deal properly with your Enemies and defeat them and show them their faults. It may also make them realize about their wrong doings towards you. They will make your Enemies confused about their state of mind and actions. They will completely loose track of what they were acting towards you. These are proven to be effective as you will be able to see the effects in you Enemies after 3-4 days and these effects are everlasting until all their wrong deeds are served well.

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